Thursday, June 13, 2013

"You get back what you put out."

Beatwell Workshop at Karmafest

By now this basic premise has become familiar in our culture. I decided to put it to the test four months ago. 

My girlfriend and I were on vacation and set to come home. I had just finished my last internship which had given me the opportunity each week to practice what I now call Beatwell Workshops. Aside from the work I had done at my two internships, I had shared this Beatwell work with a few different schools, group therapies and festivals. While proud of the accomplishments, I wondered what else would come.

I told her that once we got home, I would start creating quality content via this blog. 

You can see where this is going...

Almost immediately the opportunities started coming. And even more, it seems that each Beatwell Workshop leads to an even greater opportunity. 

A classroom presentation leads to a future school assembly; A graduate class training leads to a professional training; Buying a book to learn more about therapeutic drumming leads to actually finding my contact information in the book!

But it's been the past few days that I've really felt the shift. What has been a personal vision is truly becoming my reality. 

On Tuesday I shared a Beatwell Workshop with The Auburn School of Baltimore, a private elementary and middle school for bright children with various social difficulties—many on the Autism spectrum. The principal called me after reading The Jewish Times article and eagerly invited me to "Beatwell" with the 22 students.  After an hour of drumming, dancing and engaging in adult-like conversations, the principal remarked how amazing it was to see the kids remain so engaged as a group for that long. 

I always trust in the drum. 

Today was another first. I trained the therapeutic staff at a mental health clinic. Mind-blowing in that I'm sure many of the therapists have been practicing for as long as I've been alive. But they graciously welcomed me and for 90 minutes I led them through what I hope to have been an enlightening and fun training, leaving them with new tools to better serve their clients. 

The opportunities and feedback fuel my passion to continue sharing. With that, it seems that only more will come back in return.

"You get back what you put out."

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