Saturday, June 1, 2013

Record & Tape Video Recap

Growing up, Tuesday's at 2:30 p.m. meant two things: school was out and I was headed to Record and Tape Traders.

Record and Tape was "the" local record store chain in Maryland. Unfortunately—and like most other music retailers—they began disappearing.

But one remains...and I got to do this in it:

I was invited by Sam Silverman, a Record and Tape employee and someone I would bet money on succeeding in the music business.

This would be my first time drumming in any type of business and was intrigued at the idea of creating a "break-out" musical experience while customers enter unaware.

We drummed surrounded by vinyl records; the most perfect spot in the store. I sat facing the entrance, watching as each entering face lit up in confusion and excitement.

I led the group through different rhythm activities meant to be fun, relaxing and community-building.

Mission accomplished.

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