Testimonials reflecting the various Beatwell services I offer: 

* Beatwell Playshops for:
       Children & Adolescents (classroom, community center, after-school program)
       Students & Professionals (college and workplace)

* Group Therapy 
* Festival and Community drum circles
* Drum and Guitar education

ANGELITA YU, Ph.D. (Assistant Clinical Professor)

"Thanks so much for coming to speak to (actually engage with!) my graduate students in my Group Theory and Practice class. It was refreshing and inspirational (as I had hoped it would be) for them to hear of how you managed to combine your passions to provide a valuable service, using your love of music and the knowledge you gained while earning your degree.  Based on the way you presented the material (it was clear and compelling and active), you easily had the classroom involved and participating (and learning!).  I can readily imagine you unassumingly but effectively taking charge of a group of students and creating a scenario whereby they are involved and able to express themselves in ways far more adaptive than they have been able to previously.  Best of luck as you continue on this innovative, important path to emotional and psychological health via music."

JESSICA SMOLARZ, M.S. (Mental Health Therapist)
"When conducting group therapy in the school setting, it can be difficult to create engaging activities in which the children are excited to participate. When Jordan Goodman brought his music therapy skills to our group sessions, the children were captivated and eagerly waited to see what Jordan would have them do next. Jordan eloquently blended the fun of playing the drums with various therapeutic components. Out of all of the groups that the children had done throughout the year, many stated that their favorite session was the one with Jordan."

BENNY GREB (Voted "Best Drum Clinician" by Modern Drummer and Drum! Magazines) 
"To find someone that combines a warm, relaxed, and caring personality with professionalism and proactivity is very hard. But for Jordan these qualities just seem to be two sides of the same coin.
Thanks so much Jordan...for being that coin."

Rich Barnstein (Promoter, Hot August Blues Festival) 
"We had the pleasure of working with Jordan Goodman at Hot August Blues & Roots Festival this year. We couldn't have been more thrilled to have had Jordan working his Beatwell magic! Jordan is not only extremely knowledgeable on the topic of therapeutic drumming, but also has a fantastic personality, and gifted ability to engage people around him. This works perfectly for Jordan to orchestrate drum circles, and events in general for all ages. He performed a drum circle for kids, and also invited our founder's 93 year old mother to join in at the festival. He's even spoke and performed at my son's elementary school. Jordan also has a knack for promoting, not only his services, but the event that he also performs at. Even for Hot August Blues & Roots Festival, Jordan produced a well put together video about Beatwell joining with Hot August Blues & Roots Festival! I highly recommend Jordan for any event!"

Amanda Esser (Special Needs Coordinator)
"The JCC strives to create an enriching environment for their (K-5) after-school program. Therefore, having Jordan Goodman facilitate a hands-on percussion workshop was a very successful experience for everyone involved. "Kids Center" consists of two age groups, with a one-on-one special needs inclusion program. Jordan appropriately adapted his event for the individual needs of each child, while maintaining excellent control and attention of the group. His display of professionalism while engaging the children was apparent and he shows confidence in his interactions."

JOEY BROWN, M.P.H. (Director of Pigtown Health and Wellness Festival) 
“Health Fairs can be boring, information heavy events. That is unless you have groups like Beatwell in attendance. Beatwell was one of the highlights of our event! Jordan and his team provided community members of all ages with a fun and engaging opportunity to explore health from a new perspective. Beatwell truly shows with the right people and a creative, yet effective approach, we can make the pursuit of health an enjoyable one.”

DEBORAH HASKINS, Ph.D. (Counseling Program Director)
"What a great presentation!!! I was so inspired and know you inspired the students. Your presentation was wonderful! I loved not only how you shared your integrative model as an artist but inspired all of us to tap into our own creativity and gave the students ideas.  You are a great role model."

JONATHON SAGNER (parent of Beatwell drum student)
"Regardless of what [my son's] long term aspirations are for drums, I feel these lessons have been a noteworthy benefit in his maturation and development. In part due to this experience he is a happier person today—what more could a parent ask for?"

Tanzi Craig (PTA President, Fort Garrison Elementary) 
"We hired Jordan Goodman to perform for our school with a message about building community and respecting each other as individuals among a diverse set of students, teachers, and administrators.  Students ranged from kindergarten to fifth grade and we set up two performance for about 200-225 children per session.  Many students gave great feedback about how fun the event was and how much they enjoyed being able to participate on stage as well as from the audience.  We found him very easy to work with, responsive, affordable, and passionate about his work so we definitely would recommend Jordan as a presenter to other schools."

MRS. MATHIAS (1st grade teacher) 
"I had fun watching my students express themselves through movement and rhythm— you had good control of the group throughout your lesson. They had fun while learning important concepts about teamwork and respecting others. You're welcome to visit our class again!"

MARC SHAPIRO, Founder (Rez Ball Music and Arts)
"Jordan took on the courageous task of leading a drum circle with people who were overflowing with energy from 12 hours of live music at Rez Ball X, and he was able to channel that into a cohesive, disciplined drum circle that had far more musicality than any other late-night drum circle I've ever heard."

NINA BERMAN (parent of Beatwell drum student)
"My daughter feels comfortable with Jordan. It is important for a 10 year old girl to feel safe, so that she is free to make mistakes and still be able to laugh, have fun, and therefore learn. I would highly recommend Jordan to any parent who has a child interested in playing drums!"

ADANNA JOHNSON, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor)
"Jordan is a committed clinician who employs ancient wisdom in a modern way. He is engaging and inspiring!"

Sadie Smith, M.S.W. (Director of Programs)
"Jordan's participation in our Spring Into Good Health Festival is always a welcomed addition. His understanding of the therapeutic qualities of drumming paired with his ability to engage people of all ages has made the drumming circle a hit year after year."

Nikki Smith, L.G.S.W., M.S.W., M.Ed., Children and Family Therapist at Morgan State Head Start)
"Working with children ages 3-5 requires creative approaches to therapy and when I was introduced to drum therapy and Jordan Goodman, I was immediately inspired by his passion and knowledge. The drum group was relaxed, educational, therapeutic and fun. Jordan was professional, warm, flexible, and engaging and showed respect for all of the children and connected with them as individuals and as a group. As the group came to an end one of the children looked sad and I asked, "What was wrong?" The child replied, "I'm sad that the drum group is over." We all look forward to our next drum experience!"

Paula Krueger (Kindergarten Teacher)
"Our kindergarten class had the pleasure of having Jordan come into our room to demonstrate the impact drumming has on everyday life. The students learned the value of listening, leadership, cooperation and collaboration while using instruments of different origins and styles. The children leaned about rhythm, beat, dynamics and tone and how they can relate it to their everyday lives. They enjoyed it so much that I would highly recommend him to participate in any venue."

"Jordan's conviction in what he does is powerful and he demonstrates the therapeutic ability that drumming can take. He uses many examples that illustrate its application to all walks of life."
-Ellie C.

"The presenter reminded me that we are all creators and we all have something to offer the world. I really appreciate the info he presented."
-Audrea S.

"It was helpful to hear someone who is starting out in therapy [that I] can relate to more and makes me more confident that I can do it too."  
-Liz H. 

"Jordan's presentation opened my eyes to not only the usefulness that drumming in therapy provides, but also how any practitioner can incorporate his or her passion into therapy to make it a more dynamic and beneficial process. His presence was calming and his presentation was empowering."  
 -Marcy B.  
"Jordan has a fantastic way of applying his passion of music to the practice of counseling psychology—and he gets you to see it too. Excellent training opportunity using an alternative treatment."  
-LaShandra O.  

"I appreciated the explanation of personal navigation/development of career path. As a new student, figuring out a focused trajectory that incorporates personal values, attitudes and beliefs can be stressful. Knowing/hearing first-hand about a colleague's path is reassuring and inspirational."  

 -Kathleen D. 

"I really enjoyed how interactive you were with the class. This presentation helped to think about interacting writing and therapy together."  
-Evelyn R. 

"Participating in this drum circle was a fantastic opportunity and a wonderful reminder of how we can use something that surrounds us daily—rhythm—to aid our psychological well-being. Thank you!"  
 -Lauren G.  

"The most useful part of the presentation was gaining knowledge in incorporating your own talent and creativity into counseling and psychology with students to keep them engaged." 
-Brittaney M. 

"Take this presentation on the road!" 
-Toni B. 

"I felt more at peace and calm during and after the drumming exercises. I also felt more in tune with the people around me, as well as nature."  
-Carrie H.  


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