Friday, March 22, 2013

Benny Greb Master Session Recap

What an unforgettable week!

Truth be told, I didn't know much about Benny Greb before I was asked to assist him during his first Master Session in the US. I had seen a few clips on YouTube and remember thinking he had great feel, but left it at that. What a great surprise that the drummer I was offered to work with ended up becoming one of my favorite musicians...and even a greater friend.

I picked Benny up at Newark Airport early Wednesday evening. Before he said "Hi," he reached for a hug. We spent 2 1/2 hours traveling north towards the Catskill Mountains, never once turning on the radio. We shared stories and dreams, and he willingly asked questions to help me clarify my business and personal paths. He may have been voted "Best Drum Clinician" three years straight, but I could tell from the start that Benny is much more than a great drum teacher.

His teaching philosophy is rooted in the notion that it's more than just playing the drums—it's about making music. I told him that it goes one step further than drums or music—it's about leading a successful life.

The workshop started on Thursday night, went three full days from 9am-10pm, and wrapped up Monday afternoon. There was plenty of drum instruction, but there was just as much discussion about being a better, kinder, more effective person. In the way that my work is rooted in wellness and enhanced by drumming, Benny's is just the opposite. Still, the coin remains the same.

The workshop connected me to 25 awesome, passionate people from as far as Singapore and Australia. I'm glad to say we will all stay connected. On Sunday we welcomed David Ciauro from Modern Drummer magazine who will be writing a feature piece about the camp. Coincidentally, he is also a drum therapist!

We ate well, were surrounded by the finest nature has to offer, and had fun.

Truly, and by definition—an unforgettable week.

In the upcoming weeks I plan to post more lessons, stories, and pictures from camp. Cheers!

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