Wednesday, October 16, 2013

An Education in Beatwell with Baltimore Lab

Thinking back on your childhood, which communities had the biggest impact on you? 

Your family of course, and maybe a group of friends or a sports team. 

I can also bet that your school community had a profound influence on your life.

Beatwell Playshop at Baltimore Lab School // October 9, 2013

When I share a Beatwell Playshop with an entire school, my focus is on the community.

To drum with just the students would be incomplete.

At Baltimore Lab, a school for children who learn differently, I made music with the students and faculty in unison. During the last 15 minutes of each assembly, their principal joined us on the largest drum. A fitting metaphor for the school's "leader."

My main message: Every community is made up of individuals with a unique voice and personal strengths (like the different instruments in the drum circle). When each person contributes towards the betterment of the group (the song being created), the school community will be most successful.

Baltimore Lab is an exceptional school community. 

I felt it in the music. 

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