Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mesh Baltimore Recap

Every community needs a monthly SkillShare.

Mesh Baltimore organizes this 3-hour event each month in Federal Hill.

The concept is simple: 12 locals share a unique expertise for 60 minutes. Each hour you pick from one of four offerings. In an afternoon you walk away with new knowledge and experiences, an expanded network of neighbors, and a belly full of pita chips and hummus.

I gladly accepted an invitation to lead a Beatwell Workshop at the April SkillShare. The Workshop was more educational in nature, during which I shared current research on the health benefits of group drumming and personal experiences as a therapeutic drummer and educator.

But we also "played" music. (The word "perform" is never used in a Beatwell Workshop.) Some attendees had never touched a drum, which always excites me. Within seconds the group was creating musical and memorable experiences together.

Here are some "still" memories from Mesh!
(Over the next month, Julian Haddad and I will be editing video from this and other Beatwell events to share with you all!)


  1. Love the pictures and the post, Jordan. I hope you'll come back to Mesh Baltimore again...people are still talking about their experience with you!

  2. Thanks Susan! I plan to be at the next one.